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Blue Pitbulls Pit bull puppies for sale
Blue pitbulls for sale


We offer Blue Pitbull Puppies For Sale in Florida and Blue Pitbulls and American Bully Kennels in Florida we are also Blue Bully Breeders in Florida. Gridlock Bullies is a Florida based Blue Pit bull kennel. We are also known for thr finest Blue Pitbulls Kennel and blue pitbull puppies For Sale and Exotic Bullies in Florida. We specialize in producing top quality Blue Pit Bulls, American Bullies and Bully style American Pitbulls, we have blue pit bull puppies for sale. Bully pit bull kennel in Florida. We have Razors Edge pit bulls, Gottiline pit bulls, Mikeland pit bulls, for sale at this time. Visit Gridlock Bullies to get a quality blue pitbull puppy in Florida, or we also ship anywhere in the world. Our Blue Pitbull pups for sale come with either UKC or ABKC registrations. We also have blue pitbull males for stud service for your bully style blue pit bull female. We have bully blue pit bull breedings taking place at this time, to reserve your blue american bully, blue pit bull pup please contact us. Visit www.GridlockBullies.com for more info on the finest blue bully pitbulls in Florida. Our bully style blue pit bull bloodlines include Mikeland, Gottiline, Razors Edge, Kurupt-blood & Kingpinline Bloodlines. We breed our beautiful blue pit bulls for excellence, big head blue bullies, short and compact blue pit bulls are our specialty. Gridlock Bullies are the finest blue pit bull dogs you will find in the state of Florida. Visit us today to make your blue pitbull puppy reservation. We are an established blue american pit bull terrier kennel in Florida and we would be happy to speak to you about purchasing your next blue bully companion from our kennel. Thanks for visiting Gridlock Bullies, Florida Blue Pit Bulls we hope we can help you in your purchase of a beautiful blue pit bull puppy, we have blue pitbull puppies for sale now! Gridlock BulliesPitbull Puppies for Sale, Blue Pitbull Puppies for Sale, Pitbull Puppies, Blue Nose Pitbulls for sale at this time, Pitbulls for Sale, Blue Pitbulls For Sale, Pitbull Kennel, Bully Style Pitbulls, Blue Nose Pitbulls Kennels, Blue Nose Pitbull Breeders, American Bullies, Blue Pitbulls, Blue Pitbull Puppy, Buy Pitbulls, Blue Pitbull Breeders.

Gridlock Bullies - Florida Blue Pitbulls
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Gridlock Bullies breeds some of the finest blue colored and blue blooded Pit Bull puppies in the nation. Our blue bully American Pit Bull Terriers stem from a long line of Champion bloodlines that we have used to create our own bully style pitbull. Our Pit Bull pups are bullier than your typical American Pit Bull as years of selective breeding has given us the American Bully and this is in the directon in which Gridlock Bullies is moving towards, including Exotic Bullies. In selecting our stock, we have researched high quality American Bully bloodlines such as Razors Edge, Gottiline, Mikeland and a few other carefully selected outcross bloodlines. Our Blue Pit Bull / American Bully pups are of hight quality and caliber. Our pitbull puppies for sale come either UKC registered, ABKC registered, or both. Check out our upcoming American Bully breedings and our Pitbull Puppies page to learn more about how to get next American Bully!

Offering the finest Blue Nose pitbulls in the USA has been our specialty for close to 12 years here at Gridlock Bullies. Our Blue nose pitbull puppies are of the highest quality with tons of substance and great bully characteristics. Our produced pups will grow to be big headed, have heavy bones, very muscular bodies with wide frames while structually sound. Our blue nose pits are short bodied with compact frames which give them the overall bully style look we strive to achieve with every planned out breeding. We are one of the top rated Blue Nose Pitbull breeders in the USA. We bring the highest quality stud dogs to implement them into our breeding program. All of our blue nose pitbull males and females have excellent temperament and extreme bully looks. They are of the best health and are true loyal family companions. We specialize in producing top quality Blue nose pitbulls with the finest available bully bloodlines such as Razors Edge, Gottiline, Mikeland, TheBullyCampLine, Kingpinline, Kurupt blood and Daxline. Visit Gridlock Bullies to get a quality blue nose pitbull puppies for sale. We can also ship our puppies and adult dogs anywhere in the world! Our Blue Nose Pitbull pups for sale come with either UKC or ABKC registrations. We also have blue nose pitbull males for stud service for your bully style blue nose pitbull female. We have bully blue nose pitbull breedings taking place at this time, to reserve your blue nose pitbull pup please contact us. Our kennel is very well established and has been in excellent standings with the bully community for over 10 years. Our blue nose pitbull puppies come in a wide range of colors and markings. We have produced solid blue, blue brindle, reverse blue brindle, blue pied, blue tri, champagne, black tri, chocolate, white, black and white, blue and white blue fawn, and silver blue nose pitbull puppies in the past and continue to.

Perhaps the most commonly recognized of all the bully bloodlines in the world. The Razors Edge bloodline is about 20 yrs old and marked the birth of the American Bully dog as we know it today. Created by Dave Wilson and originated in the state of Virginia. The American Bully and the Razors Edge bloodline stemed from a fine selection of quality American Pit Bull and Amstaff dogs and through the selective breeding process a bullier, thicker, shorter dog was created. Eventually the ultimate family companion would be born and fine tuned into the Razors Edge Blood and thus becoming the source of the American Bully. The dog pictured to the left is an example of a 100% Razors Edge American Bully. This is one of our fine studs here at Gridlock Bullies (Jigga-Low). He posseses all the qualities and traits the Razors Edcge blood was designed to. Heavy boned, broad head, short and compact frame, thick and most importantly their natural willingness to please and loving disposition. Some familiar blood in Jigga-Low's pedigree is Paco X Peaches, Remy, and a triple combination of the Dozer X Daisy Razors Edge Strand.
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Here at Florida Blue pitbulls our blue pit bull puppies are always of the highest quality and fully socialized up until your new blue pitbull puppy is sent to his or her new forever home.
Eventhough our blue pitbull kennel specializes in blue pitbull puppies of all types, our kennels have also rarely produced colored pitbulls, such as blue fawn pitbull puppies, black and white puppies, chocolate blue blooded pitbull puppies and blue brindle pit bull puppies of all variations. Every so often our pitbull kennels produce bully style pitbull, or exotic bully puppies that are born with redish coats and red noses.
Gridlock Bullies blue pit bull kennel has has also produced many black pit bull puppies due to the black and white bully freaks in the bully world in our bully blue pit bull puppies pedigrees and bloodlines such as Gottyline's Dax which we have used and produced beautiful bully blue pitbull pups. All blue nose pitbulls owned Florida blue pitbulls and Gridlock Bullies or blue pitbull puppies for sale by us were produced from bully blue pitbulls who come from champion and grand champion bully bloodlines such as Razors Edge, Gottiline Pitbulls, Kingpinline, Daxline and Kurupt-Blood just to name a few. Our pitbull kennels produce several litters of blue pit bull puppies each year in which most of the top quality blue pit bull puppies produced are for sale to qualified breeders, show dog owners and bully fanciers. All of our pitbull kennels blue pitbulls for sale come with a health guarantee, all current vaccinations and dewormings. All of our pitbull pups are free of parasites and desease. If you are in search of a blue pitbull puppy and looking to purchase a blue pitbull puppy or an Exotic Bully from an honest and reputable blue pitbull puppy breeder feel free to check out our blue pit bull breedings page or blue pitbull puppies page and contact our pitbull kennel with any questions you may have regarding you pitbull puppy purchase from Frorida Blue Pit Bulls located in South Florida.

Blue pitbull puppy

Here at Florida Blue pitbulls we have taken our love for extreme blue pit bulls to the next by incorporating the exotic bully style into our bloodline and breeding stock. The "EXOTIC BULLY" is a term recently adopted by extreme American bully enthusiasts who prefer the much exagerated and extreme features of certain American Bullies already in existence. Exotic Bullies such as "TheBullyCampLine's Mr. Miagi", "TheBullyCampLine's Karate Kid, or even Gottyline's Dax which is currently an ABKC Grand Champion, or Edge of Gottiline's Bullseye - have a much desirable look in their exotic type of features. These features often include an extreme wideness to their chests, very short and blocky muzzles, large heads in comparison to their bodies, short and compact frames, heavily muscled bodies, heavy bone structures and very well defines stops on their heads. These features on Exotic Bullies is what sets them apart from your ordinary American Bully. Gridlock Bullies has now acquired much of this "Exotic Bully" blood from all over the Nation to incorporate into our own Gridlock Bloodline. We hope to bring you the next generation of the Extreme American Bully we call The Exotic Bully!


The term "Pocket Pitbull" refers to a much more compact, shorter and smaller all around bully pitbull than the standard bully style pitbull or American bully. The term "Pocket" itself derived from the style and look of the legendary "The Samurai Paco" of Suarez Bulls Kennel. Paco's production ability was so consistent that you could almost tell right away that the dog was a Paco descendent. He consistently produced bully style pitbulls which were very compact in size and very low. The Paco to Pocket translation became more official as the association to Paco blood dogs and short compact Razors Edge bullies became more familiar and evident. Pocket Bullies and Pocket Pitbulls are very popular today as more and more fans of the "American Bully" seek out the smaller and more compact bullies as oppose to big tall dogs. The bullier look obviously involves more of a compact and thicker dogs that bigger dogs do not posses. Pocket pitbull breeders have now exclusively used this type of look and blood in their blue pocket pitbull breedings to lock in the pocket american bully look. We do consider ourselves a Pocket Pitbull kennel and strive to produce a bullies, more compact, shorter American Bully which still have plenty of substance in demonstrating heavy bone, large heads, thick bodies, heavy muscle and can still out perform many other bully breeds. This is what the Pocket Pitbull is to us and we will continue to improve up on it.

Gottiline is one of the most popular bloodlines in the american bully world. Gotti pitbulls have a distinctive look that you are able to tell them apart from other blue pitbull bully blood lines. They tend to be very stocky with a lot of mass. Gottiline pits are very girthy with heavy frames.  The Gottiline Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, pride, confidence and undying willingness. The brick-like head, which is especially broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined bully neck. The neck runs into a heavy, thick, deep dropping and wide chest. Gottiline Pitbulls are very muscular, heavy boned, stocky, yet agile which is extremely strong for their size. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. Docked tails are not accepted by the UKC. The eyes are round. The UKC does not accept blue eyes or the coat color merley, the Gottiline Bloodline pitbulls are often also registered with the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) registry and other American Bully registries. We use the Gottiline Bloodline heavily in our kennel to bring in the size and substance that other bloodlines that favor the Pitbull lack. Gottiline Bullies are extreme and exotic in many ways. The Gottiline Blood has been a great addition to the Gridlock Bullies yard in achieving the extreme bully look we are strive to produce.

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Blue pitbull puppies for sale


Our blue pitbull puppies come with their first set of shots (vaccinations) also known as 5 in 1 puppy shots. Depending on how long the blue pitbull puppies remain with us at our blue pitbull kenel facility they may receive their second puppy booster shot as well. Your blue pit bull puppy will also come with a sample of NuVet Plus Multivitamins for dogs to allow them to continue on a path of good health. Your blue pitbull pup will also be fully dewormed and parasite free. Also your pit bull puppy with come with a puppy starter kit and a health record showing you blue pit bull pup's past vaccination history and when his/her next shot should be administered. If your blue pitbull puppy is to be shipped additional charges do apply. If being shipped within the continental United States the total cost to ship blue pit bull puppies state to state is $400. This amount includes any and all needed vaccinations required by the state to fly, brand new puppy crate, food and water bowl attached to the travel crate, health certificate and examination by a licensed Florida State Veterinarian, airline airfare and any other fees associated with shipping and handling of your new blue pit bull pup.

Our blue pitbulls and bully blue pitbull puppies are very easy and effortless to train as well as respectful and loving towards other pets and people of all ages, adult and children alike. Therefore the temperament of all of our blue pitbulls and blue pit bull puppies is very mild and all of the finest dispositions. The good temperament in our blue pitbull puppies is a disrect result of our well thought out pit bull breeding program in conjunction with the extensive amount of socialization our blue pitbull puppies receive from an early stage in life for them to thrive as loyal family members and companions.
Florida Blue Pitbulls recommends anybody who purchases a blue pitbull puppy from our blue pitbull kennel to take the time to often socialize their blue pit bull puppy at all times even throughout their adult life to get the best results in your pet's disposition. If you are in search of the perfect blue pitbull puppy for sale with a sound temperament that comes from a well established and reputable blue pitbull breeder you have come across the right blue pitbull kennel to suit your needs. By purchasing a blue pitbull puppy from the best pit bull kennel in Florida, you are sure to receive a very loving and affectionete blue pitbull puppy that will be a great addition to your family as a well rounded family member and companion for years to come.

The term "American Bully" refers to a much bullier (shorter, thicker, more compact) Pitbull. American Bullies in general have many of the same carachteristics as the standard blue pitbull but have been selectively bred to emphesize on larger heads, shorter legs, more compact frames and overall heavier, thicker bodies. These American Bullies came from well known bloodlines of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the American Staffordshire Terrier of 20 years ago when the American Bully breed began to take form. American Bullies are mostly put not always, blue in color and therefore are know by many as Blue Pitbulls and so Blue pitbull puppies are sold as such. The American Bully however come from a relatively concentrated group of bloodlines. These bully bloodline of which the American Bully was formed are mainly Razors Edge, Greyline (which later evolved to a much bullier blood called Gottiline) and a few others. Several other bloodlines were used in the process of creating the American Bully of today such as Certified blood, De La Cruz, Mikeland and even Gaff. To summarize Blue Pit Bulls and American Bullies have very much in common. Even Blue Pitbull puppies and Bullies look very much alike at an early stage but grow up to have very noticeable and distinct features as adults. They come from the same gene pool but have been selectively bred to look less like the Pit Bull and more like the Bull in them. If you are in search of a Bully Blue Pitbull or a true American Bully puppy, you have come to the right place. Florida Blue Pit Bulls has the perfect bully pup for you!

Gridlock Bullies are blue pit bull breeders who specialize in breeding high quality blue pitbulls to produce top notch quality blue pit bull puppies in every litter of pups. We are blue pitbull breeders who breed for consistency and produce top quality blue pitbulls and blue pit bull puppies and so we are blue nose pitbull breeders who outcross to the finest thought after bloodlines. Here at our blue pitbull kennel, we have never produced any blue pitbull puppies with health problems or blue pit bulls with aggression issues. We take much pride in our blue pitbull breeding program and choose our blue pitbull studs very wisely and carefully and we are sure to create the finest pitbull puppies with no health issues, diseases or disabilities. In addition to all of our efforts to produce the finest blue pitbulls with the best of health, all of our customers who purchase blue pitbull puppies from our pitbull kennels are protected in our pitbull puppy sales contract and health guarantee. Also our blue pitbull kennels are bully blue nose pit bull breeders who use the finest blue bully bloodlines such as Gottiline, Razors Edge, Mikeland and Daxline bloodlines. Most bloodlines in our blue pitbull kennels include Razors Edge pitbulls, Kurupt-Blood pitbulls, Gottiline pit bulls, Kingpinline pitbulls, The Bully Camp Line pitbulls and Mikeland blue pitbulls. Florida Blue pitbulls and Gridlock Bullies are blue nose pitbull breeders who produce superior bully blue pit bull puppies that have large blocky heads, have short muzzles and short legs and are compact with a thick body frame. We are pitbull breeders who are also dedicated in producing puppies who display muscular bodies with heavy bones and wider fronts. Our blue pitbull puppies demonstrate a lot of energy early on and quickly began to develop muscular bodies and strong joints and bones. We take pride in using dogs in our blue pitbull breedings that have many ABKC Champions and Grand Champions and these great bully dogs are see in our blue pitbull puppies' pedigree. Florida Blue Pitbulls are bully blue pitbull breeders that produce blue pit bull puppies that are show worthy and have the potential to become Champions in the show ring of many blue pitbull and American Bully shows around the world. We are very reputable breeders who produce the finest blue pitbull puppies and pitbulls in the world. We have produced and sent many top quality blue pit bull puppies to many different countries around the world. We have shipped pitbull puppies to Mexico, pitbulls to Argentina, blue and white pitbulls to Spain, blue pitbull puppies to Greece and to many more countries. Feel free to contact us about any blue pit bull breedings we may have going on and we will be delighted to help you on your purchase if you are looking for blue pitbull puppies for sale.

All blue pit bulls and pitbull puppies need a great amount of human interaction and proper socialization to be functional members of society. Doing so will equip your blue pit bull puppy for the experiences in will encouter in his or her everyday life. Proper diet and daily excercise is another large factor in your blue pitbull's growth and development. We have all of our blue pitbulls and blue pitbull puppies on the best dog vitamin available anywhere called Nuvet plus supplements and we also provide a sample to all of our customers to encourage them to keep their new Blue pitbull puppy on a healthy supplement schedule and lifestyle. High quality dog food with hight fat and protein, supplemented by a daily Nuvet Plus waffer and plenty of fresh water is all that's needed to keep your blue pitbull puppies in the best shape and health throughout their lives. There are also many advantages in feeding your blue pitbulls a raw or partially raw diet. Keeping you bully style pitbull as bully as possible is not all possible by diet but it sure does help. Your pitbull puppy is already genetically designed to be bully by nature and their diet will simply allow his or her full potential to show in muscle, coat, size and activeness. Although our blue pitbull kennel is located in Florida it is easy for us to ship our blue pit bull puppies throughout the United States and abroad. We can ship puppies to cities like, New York, NY, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, San Francisco, CA, Houton, TX, Cleveland, OH, Raleigh, NC and all other nearby cities and states in the USA even to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We have a special page on our site dedicated to helping provide the best care for your brand new blue pit bull puppy called Pet Care that we hope you will find very helpful. We look forward to helping you find you a blue pitbull puppy, your next best friend!


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Gridlock Bullies - Florida Blue Pitbulls is one of the best well known premier Blue Pitbull kennels in the state of Florida. Located in sunny South Florida and bringing some great blood to the tip of the penninsula we consider our breeding program one of the best in the state and recognized all around the nation. We provide fine quality American Bullies to all of the U.S. and have sent many of our productions abroad to countries such as Greece, Spain, Aruba, Mexico, Venezuela and other parts of Europe. Get your next American Bully pup at Gridlock, you won't be dissapointed!


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Also please feel free to check out or Blue French Bulldog Puppies at www.blueandtanfrenchbulldogs.com or www.Lilac-Frenchbulldog.com We also breed high quality Champion bred Blue French Bulldogs and have blue frenchie pups availlable at this time sold with full AKC registration or to loving pet homes.

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